Still in progress. Xander would get on my butt about it lol But isn't that the idea? ;D

Ever since I saw Xander, I was realed in immediately. Lucious blonde locks, a prince, yummy armor, knows his way in the art of swordmanship, and all around my type. I won't lie, I was attracted to him but after finding about his personality, he is even better. He's very ambitious, determined, courageous, valiant (lol, yeah I went there), and protective. What more did I need? Nothing. He's good enough. Thankfully my character wasn't related to him or it would have been a w k w a r d.

I called this site Valiant since it was the only good word to think of to describe him that both speaks he's a hero in his own right and he's very brave, always going forward and doesn't back down.